Lito S+ Tpu Hydrogel Film Soft Screen Protector For Apple Watch Series 6 7 45mm 41mm

Lito Hydrogel Film Screen Protectors for Apple watch made by TPU composite material. No bubble,No bounce, no warping, sensitive to touch, 1:1 to restore the curved beauty of the watch.
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Lito Tpu Hydrogel Film Soft Screen Protector For Apple Watch Series 6 7 45mm 41mm

The Specification For Lito Tpu Hydrogel Film Soft Screen Protector For Apple Watch Series 6 7 45mm 41mm


Model:41mm & 45mm





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Scratch Resistant: Apple Watch Flexible TPU film will protect your iwatch screen from scratch. 

Hydraulic film

Sensitive Touch: Iwatch hydrogel film HD Ultra-thin maintains Apple Watch original response sensitivity, ensuring quick app launching.

apple watch screen protector

Maximum Coverage: Flexible TPU screen protector will fit your Apple Watch screen perfectly from curved edge to curved edge. Itdesigned to offer the maximum amount ofcoverage for your iWatch screen.

apple watch tpu screen protector

Self Healing: Apple watch Hydraulic film Self-healing properties enable the bubble and scratches will disappear automatically in 24 hours.

apple watch hydrogel film

The Package For TPU Full Cover Apple Watch Screen Protector

Bubble free screen protector

1.Inner package included: 1* Apple Watch Tpu Screen Protector+1*Wet& Dry Alcohol bags+1*Scratch Card
2.Inner package size: 11*7*1.8cm
3.Carton Size: 51*44*33cm
4.Quantity: 400pcs
5. Gross Weight: 8.5KG

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