LITO Product Security Check System v5.0

Security check system

-- Please Scrape the gray coating of anti-fake lable and input the security code then click the review button.

-- The result shows as follow:

-- 1, If wrong No.,will show"you enter the security code does not exist."Beware of fake.

-- 2, If Original LITO Product will show "the product you are checking is the LITO original one and it's ** record."Beware of fake.,

-- 3,If the security code has been queried, will show”This security code has been checked, query time is ***.”Beware of fake.,

Guangzhou Lito Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2011, is a professional intelligent enterprise which engages in mobile phone accessories development, production and sales. The company devotes itself to being the first unique brand. And Lito brand has been registered in more than 20 countries of Europe.

>>>>LITO TEAM<<<<

LITO started in a tiny shop and has grown to more than 50 people in different cities around the country.

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  •  Lito's UV Tempered Glass Screen Protector Shines with a New Look

    Lito's UV Tempered Glass Screen Protector Shines with a New Look

    Lito has recently unveiled an exciting upgrade to the packaging of their UV tempered glass screen protector. While the product itself remains unchanged, the new packaging design brings a fresh and modern look. The upgraded packaging now features sleek and eye-catching visuals, making it more appealing to customers. Lito's commitment to innovation extends beyond the product itself, showcasing their dedication to providing a superior user experience from start to finish. With the revamped packaging, customers can now enjoy the same reliable and high-quality UV tempered glass screen protector in a more attractive and engaging package. Packaging real shot:
    - 2023-05-30
  • Lito New Office Opening

    Lito New Office Opening

    Lito New Office Opening Lito, a renowned company excelling in the production of mobile phone screen protector, proudly announced the inauguration of its new office at the prestigious 408, 4th floor of the Thirteen-Hang Culture & Technology, Central (New Market). The newly opened office is a testament to Lito's commitment to delivering top-notch products while simultaneously fostering an inclusive environment for its employees and visitors. The office has been meticulously planned to cater to the diverse needs of its clientele, with specialized areas created to showcase products, conduct negotiations, and Muslim worship. Within this pilgrimage area, Lito Equipped with prayer mats, the area provides a peaceful atmosphere where individuals can observe their religious obligations with ease and comfort. The new office also boasts a state-of-the-art product display area, allowing customers to explore and experience the company's wide range of mobile phone protective films firsthand. The negotiation area provides a Professional and comfortable setting for business discussions, ensuring seamless communication between Litu and its valued partners. As Lito expands its operations and presence in the screen protector industry, its new office stands as a testament to the company's customer-centric approach and unwavering dedication to fostering an inclusive environment.
    - 2023-05-19
  • Lito Screen Protector New Brand Flagship Store Open

    Lito Screen Protector New Brand Flagship Store Open

    LITO Screen Protector New Brand shop Thanks for all customers come to Lito brand shop  very thanks all the supports  very happy to meet everyone~ For those who are coming to China, we look forward to meeting you. LITO was founded in 2011 and established its own brand in 2013. At present, LITO products have customer groups in more than 100 countries around the world, and have registered brands in dozens of countries such as Europe, Japan and South Korea. With its unique design and high-quality products, Lito is deeply loved and trusted by customers. LITO company specializes in the production and sales of 3C digital accessories, especially protection products, specializing in mobile phones, watches, tablets and other equipment to provide protection solutions, to technological innovation, stable quality and well-known, committed to become an innovative technology international enterprise and unremitting struggle!
    - 2023-03-11
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