Intelligent Power Off Breathing LED Light Fast Charging Cloth Braided Data Cable

Ultra-durable cloth fabric jacket makes the charging cable tangle-free and resistant to everyday wear and tear. With the front charging indicator, it's more convenient to find your mobile phone at night.

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Intelligent Power Off Breathing LED Light Fast Charging Cloth Braided Data Cable

1、Application : Micro /I5/TYPE-C

2、Function: Charging + Data Cable

3、Length: 1M

4、Color: Red, Black,Blue,Purple

5、Material: Zinc Alloy + Cloth Braided Line

6、Quality Control: Strict Producing Inspection And Before Selling Test Applied.

7、We accept OEM customization!

Charger Cable with LED Light: Are you still groping for a phone charging port in darkness? LITO charging status indicator light can help you easily find your devices in dark. The LED light makes charging status can be known at a glance. LITO data cable will automatically cut power when your phone is fully charged, then charge again after your phone loses some power. Helping you extend battery life, no more worry about overnight charging.

usb to usb charging cable

Fast Charge & Data Sync: High-quality four-core copper wire, supportive of QC3.0, the full charge comes quicker with 2A large current. Quick connect and High-speed Data Transfer speed up to 480Mb/s helps you work efficiently.

usb type c apple charger

Durable Quality: Zinc alloy connectors are built to last, antioxidation, and ensure maximum signal intensity. USB charger cable is made of premium wear-resistant cloth braided cord, which makes it strong and durable, long life.

usb charging cable for iphone

Tangle-free Design: Tangle-free cloth Braided Design, With a tested 10000+ bend lifespan, this USB C Cable is far more dependable than others in its price range. Premium cloth braided cable adds additional durability and tangle-free.

Iphone charging cable

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