• Welcome to LITO Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show
    Welcome to LITO Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show 2017-03-20
    I think maybe most of you have already heard the Hong Kong Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show right ? Happy to tell you that if you will go there in April. 18th -21st ,2017 . We might have the chance to meet there . Our Booth No. Is 10J34, welcome to our booth and have tea. Here below is our invitation letter , if any or your friend around you are interested in it ,pls feel free to let them contact us asap , we are preparing the secret gifts for all of our customers and friends who will meet us in the HK show. Our Lito Co.Ltd not only will prepare the secret the gifts for customers , but also will take lots of different kind of popular hot selling tempered glass screen protectors there .Here below let Shirley introduce some of them for you , if any interest pls feel free to come to talk with me or just contact me directly. Firstly ,please let me be honored to introduce our newest third update version -easy application tempered glass screen protectors to you .It’s one of the tempered glass with the installation tool together , for now we have already made it for the third version .That will be its first time to see everyone . Here below are some of its updated design drafts . And secondly , i want to tell all of you that if you have this amazing  tempered glass screen protector on your phone , then you can use your phone everywhere ,even in the public , and don’t worry about someone beside you can peep your privacy or important information . We called it privacy tempered glass screen protectors and also named anti-spy tempered glass  screen protectors .It is made by the world's only ultra-fine blinds (MICROLOUVER) optical patented technology.This special technology can make the users only can see the information in front of the mobile phone screen within the 60 degree area,  anyone can only see on both sides of the black screen. And last but not least i want introduce to you one of our most hot selling LITO BRAND Japan Quality Clear tempered glass screen protectors ,here below is the specification difference with other kind quality tempered glass screen protectors ,pls kindly to check it . There are a lot of much better and more popular products we will take to the HK Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show,welcome to have a look .
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  • Happy birthday to Shenzhen Branch
    Happy birthday to Shenzhen Branch 2017-01-08
    Dec.21st,2016 is a special day for all of the Chinese people . Do you know why ? Because the day is Winter solstice, also known as “yi yang sheng”, is not only an important solar terms but also a traditional festival of the Chinese lunar calendar. On the day ,nearly all Chinese people in the Northern eat Dumplings to celebrate it .However,the people who lived in the Southern eat the Rice balls,and for the Northern people , this day also means a new year will start . And the day is more more special for our LITO , we not only eat rice balls but also eat cake .Do you know why ? Because that day is the first anniversary of our Shenzhen Branch company,our boss went there to celebrate it with all of our Shenzhen Branch workmates . They cook and eat happily,during the meal the manager of the Shenzhen branch gave a speech for reviewing the whole year work, he mentioned that the team from the original four people slowly grow to 11 people;the sales volume from the original about 500 orders/day change to 2000 orders/day ; more and more young people from the joined our team. And they are all very talented,look here below is one of our new workmate draw the team Abstract painting; all of us thought it was lifelike .Because we can know everyone from the drawing ,and how about you ?
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    Time flies, 2016 is drawing to a close, 2017 is about to ring the bell. December is the last month of every year ,everyone will think of its whole year summary and the new year plan .So does our LITO Company. Same as every year ,all of our new year plan will be made in December ,and the most important case is our new year brand packing image . With the hard working of our LITO designs departments team ,LITO 2017 new packing designs have already been Embryonic form,here below Shirley will show some of them to you . As the 2016 packing designs are deeply welcomed and loved by the majority of customers ,so in the new year of 2017 our designer department keeps on its style but made it more simple and high level .Look ,this packing below is our 3D curved full cover tempered glass series,we made iPhone and Samsung two types with different colors ,all of the packing material are made by the best silver paper And this purple one below is for the anti-blue light tempered glass screen protectors ,the idea of its design comes from the anti-blue light tempered glass screen protectors look like a little purple while with the light or under the sun . And the third one with the special brown or orange color stripes is made for the privacy glass screen protectors
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  • Happy memories of Double eleven
    Happy memories of Double eleven 2016-11-19
    Do you know what’s the “Double eleven “ ? It’s OK if you don’t know it but I am sure you must know the “Black Friday Day “,right ? The Double eleven is a quite similar like the “Black Friday Day “ . In fact , the “Double eleven “ is only the Singles Day,however, with the time passing by ,it slowly evolved into a global e-commerce shopping carnival. On this day, many online merchants will carry out large-scale promotional activities. Here below Shirley shares you some of our LITO Company happy memories of Double eleven which past one week . It’s the second time of our Domestic E - commerce department participated this carnival. Luckily, we got a very good result. The sales volume is more than 3 times of last year only on the day . The anti-fingerprints glass screen protectors , anti-blue light tempered glass screen protector and the shock-proof tpu cases are the most three popular products all over the world ,please  kindly to check here below: Of course we held a Celebration banquet for that . And what’s more , boss gave the all guys of Domestic E - commerce department two days off . They went to Playground together and played happily .Here below are some photos of the happy memories. And we will keep on updating the more and more of our LITO Co.Ltd workers, products and policy,welcome to continue to pay attention to us .
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  • Thanks giving month
    Thanks giving month 2016-11-10
    Do you know thanksgiving day?Do you know why human thank god? Thanksgiving falls on the fourth thursday of november,a different date every year. Thanksgiving is a time for tradition and sharing.Even if they live far away,family members gather for a reunion at the house of an oder relative,all give thanks together for the good things that they have. In this spirnt of sharing,our LITO company organize a Thanksgiving-themed activity. What should we thank? The thankful parents give us the life,make us feel the merriment of the human life,always being our strong backing! The thankful superior give us the opportunity to work and constantly improve our skills,put on the wing which flies toward the ideal for us. The thankful workmate and friend grows uo road of,let we no longer standing a lone in the itinerary of life. The thankful ourselves,always so strong,so lovely,so kind. During the meeting,we have honored our colleagues with awards,celebrations and appreciation for their efforts.And they are also very grateful to their tireless efforts to finally get the customer's affirmation. Our sales champion,sales team champion,and sales colleagues have expressed their gratitude to the company full of gratitude.LITO company also express our gratitude for the efforts of all our colleagues. At this point,the Thanksgiving theme activitives concluded successfully.
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  • Company introduction -Hello LITO
    Company introduction -Hello LITO 2016-11-08
    Guangdong Lito Electronic Technology Co., Ltd ,established in 2011, is a professional intelligent enterprise which engages in mobile phone and tabs accessories development, production and sales. Our company devotes itself to being the first unique brand of mobile phone protection industry .In just five years our LITO Co.,LTD grew into a company with 4 son companies from a small wholesale shop . And from now on , there are 4 sales departments and there are 30 sales person and including of the other official workers there are total about 50 people in the company not including our factory workers , because our factory is Dongguan , worked separated with our company office . Quality is our culture. Our sales declaration is prefer to explain the price for a while rather than apologize the quality for a while . So all of our products were checked and controlled strictly , all products checked 100% one by one , especially for our LITO BRAND PRODUCTS .Our factory quality controllers go around and inspect every products steps carefully every day. In addition to work, our company holds some interesting meeting or party every month .For example , on June 1st ,2016. We held an interesting party to celebrate the “Children 's Day ”,though all of our physiological age have been past the Childhood, however in this party , we played games , sharing interesting news and stories like Children.All of us are excited and happy for that . It brought us a lot of good and unforgettable memory.
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    LITO 8th Anniversary - You Got A Gift From LITO

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