• LITO Champion Challenge Competition
    LITO Champion Challenge Competition 2018-12-21
    2018 is about to pass, 2019 is coming. At the end of each year of LITO, a summary will be made for the whole 2018. Of course, we will also hold a 45-day competition for each year while welcoming the arrival of 2019. Today, let Shirley tell you somethings about how the 45-day competition of LITO was held! The Competition is called LITO champion challenge competition. Since the development of LITO company in 2011, there have been more than 50 people, including the domestic sales department, the foreign online sales department, the foreign trade department, the operation department, the design department, the logistics department, and the production department, etc. Why do I want to introduce Lito department to everyone? Because this competition is a big team composed of the partners from various departments,and we will have a PK for the LITO champion. Lol,I am so excited. Just like meeting friends from all corners of the country, each person has different strengths. In this activity, we also learned the advantages of colleagues in other departments, their passion, their positive spirit, and their sales skills. The competition makes us energetic and makes us feel the joy of sweat. You may not understand what they said, but Shirley can tell you with certainty that everyone is happy to share their achievements. Every day, they will share their summary. Everyone feels that they have a very fulfilling day. Ok, Shirley has to continue to struggle now, the competition is not over yet! Looking forward to my good news.
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  • LITO Seven Years Old Birthday
    LITO Seven Years Old Birthday 2018-11-18
    Time flies like an arrow, Lito has been seven years old. LITO is began with a store in 2011, from a store with only two people to a company with 50 people. In Guangzhou, not only has three offline stores, but also an independent website set up online, Alibaba, Global Source And SNS and other platform marketing, also has domestic online retail in Shenzhen, such as Tmall, Jingdong and Taobao. LITO company specializes production and sales of mobile phone accessories, especially screen protector and headphone, innovative technologies, stable quality, and reasonable prices. At the same time, undertake OEM/ODM order service. You will also feel deeply impressed with our products, because Lito has always been committed to providing customers with high quality products and services. We not only strictly build our ten-thousand-grade dust-free workshop,full automatic compact production lines,but also have perfect quality management system and testing rooms with various of inspection equipment,to ensure the best product quality .No matter how the market Changes,innovation,quality and service are always our eternal pursuit .Warmly welcome friends and clients come to visit us and bring valuable opinions. The beginning of LITO not only brought us opportunities, but also brought us a lot of joy. In the following 5-10 years, the company plans to become a social responsible enterprise, establishing the biggest organization where outstanding people seek dreams and make the dream come true. It is our Lito families' direction and we will describe the wonderful future with action . Come on! Let us enjoy the birthday party of Lito! !
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  • Something New About LITO HK Expo.
    Something New About LITO HK Expo. 2018-10-24
    Hello Guys!After the busy at HK Asia World Expo.,today Shirley will tell you something new about LITO HK Fair. Of course,let me introduce our LITO team member first,do you know which one is Shirley?Lol And at this time,Lito bring you not only the tempered glass screen protector,but also lito phone case and earphone,now let me show you something new and popular at the Expo. The Popular Products: In this exhibition, the most asked by customers is LITO's UV Light Liquid Glue Tempered Glass and Screen Protector Applicator. Do you know why? UV Light Liquid Glue Tempered Glass is composed of UV lamp + liquid glue and fully transparent tempered glass, which realizes the appearance of the full transparent curved edge, without any trace of AB glue on the side. Moreover,the tempered glass is full adhesive, it will not easy to fall off and also restores the original clarity of the phone. Since the tempered glass screen protector applicator came out,the applicator tool has been well received by customers. Are you still worried about aligning the holes and bubbles when you install the tempered glass? With this tool, it just take you 2-3 minutes to finish it.How easy is this!! The Classic Products: LITO shockproof phone case has always been our classic style, why? This is a bare-back mobile phone case that combines innovation and classics. It uses the military-level anti-drop concept,adopts four-corner internal groove anti-drop position, thick streamline glue, and three-section non-slip strip design on both sides. Ingenuity, only to protect your phone from all damages; naked back matte design, and the back uses the most cutting-edge 3D three-dimensional matte effect, scratch-resistant,wear-resistant and better to restore the beauty of the original phone, more fashionable and classic. The New Arrival Products: The More Details Please Contact Us: Shirley Wang Guangdong Lito Electronic Technology Co,Ltd M:0086- 18613023760 /18589219627 Email: shirley@litoscreen.com Whatsapp: +86-18613023760 Wechat :glass627 Skype: shirley.wong66 Website: www.litoscreen.com
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  • LITO New Retail Package is Coming!
    LITO New Retail Package is Coming! 2018-10-15
    As we all know,A beautiful packaging not only can protect the product, but also play a media role, introducing the product to the consumer, attract the consumer, thereby achieving an expanded sales market. Lito has always been adhering to these two points in making more innovations in our packaging. This time, Lito will not only innovate packaging, but also will further innovate our product. However, this time let me introduce you to our new packaging first. Using the elements of the lion head and the pigment of the LITO logo(white and blue),and using the material of the double copper cardboard,this will not only makes the surface of package is very smooth and flat, but also brighter,also the whole package will be smoother. It is anti-fingerprint and it won't make the whole package look dirty and looks cheap. Maybe you will also worry about the white part of the package will be easy to be yellow. If you really think so,there Shirley will tell you it’s a big mistake. As there is a layer of film on the cardboard, so the water resistance of the package is also very good,anti-oil and anti-fingerprint. LITO has always been committed to providing you with satisfactory service in every detail. Tempered glass screen protector always come with a clean accessories,and as including alcohol, Alcohol bags are very difficult to pass the customs clearance,but you can not worried now,as that the alcohol bags of the LITO has been certified by MSDS. For the mobile phone tempered glass screen protector, what we are most afraid of is the damage caused to the product during transportation.LITO has been made a updated for the package, using 350g thick cardboard to achieve perfect protection. By adding a foam box and a thickened carton to the outer box, it is completely safe for the goods during transportation. What do you think about it?Do you like the LITO New Retail Package?
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  • The Invitation From LITO-HK Asia World Expo.
    The Invitation From LITO-HK Asia World Expo. 2018-10-01
    Dear Sir/Madam: We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth at The Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show from April 18th to 21st 2017. We’re one of the manufacturers specialized in tempered glass screen protector and phone case. It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition.We expect to establish long-term business relations with your company in future. Exhibition Center : HK Asia World Expo. Booth Number : 6M02 Date : April 18th to 21st  2017 Best Regards LITO Special Products: The More Products Please Contact Us To Get It!!! Our Stronger Team: Any Questions Please Feel Free To Contact Us!!!
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  • LITO Happy Dragon Boat Festival
    LITO Happy Dragon Boat Festival 2018-06-18
    Most of you must know the Dragon Boat Festival in China.Eating Zongzi,Hanging Calamus and Moxa and of course have Dragon Boat Race. But you know,what we did in Lito?Today let Shirley share with you how our Dragon Boat Festival was spent in Lito. Of course we ate Zongzi,and very thanks for Lito give us the different Zongzi. Liking Fortune Cookie,it is very nice and surprised, with full blessing to us,so we are very lucky.Lol,pick the one you like,and you will be lucky too. Instead of Dragon Boat Race,our Lito family went to the QingYuan river drift.Look at the pictures,River Drift just like Dragon Boat Race,and it is stimulating,but compared to Dragon Boat Race,River Drift is more easy and more enjoyable. Just like the River Drift and Dragon Boat Race,Lito wish you and us will going smoothly and success. Finally,Lito gave every Lito members a Medical examination card as a gift.Health is very important for us,so we have to know our’s body,and to keep heath for ourself. So If you like us,please follows us.
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Recent News
  • A Letter to all LITO Brand Products  Buyers

    A Letter to all LITO Brand Products Buyers

    Dear valued clients , How are you ? Hope all finds you well. This is LEO CHAN- the CEO of LITO Co.Ltd . First of all ,thanks so much for you all long term supporting and cooperation. Since our establishment in 2013, LITO BRAND has been committed to creating the most cost-effective products for customers; always adhere to the principle of quality and service first; in the past 8 years, because most of your support, our LITO BRAND protective film has been  known and recognized step by step in more and more countries. Since LITO UV Liquid Full Glue Glass Screen Protectors launch in October of 2018, it has been widely favored by customers. Because it not only solves the pain point of the large-curved full-screen all-glue glass protective film of the mobile phone screen, but also supports the ultrasonic fingerprint unlocking function of the mobile phone; in addition, the product itself is special and different from ordinary glass protective film; Thus they become more and more popular, especially in Europe,andthe Middle East countries, Until December of 2019, our UV Optical Liquid Glue Glass Protector sales have reached 200-300K PCS per month; specially in Dubai, Pakistan almost all buyers know us. Therefore, some unscrupulous sellers began to copy our products in Pakistan . In order to protect our LITO Distributors benefits and Control imitation sellers. Below we made a photo to show all of our LITO Buyers ,pls note how to judge the fake items. Regarding to the occurrence of counterfeit LITO products in Pakistan recently.  Our company solemnly declare that all the products sold by LITO Company have anti-counterfeiting labels which can check on lito official website (www.litoscreen.com ).  Other "LITO" products in your market which no labels or cannot check out on Lito website are counterfeiting, should be seriously condemned. Furthermore, we will unite with the Chinese Public Security Department to take investigation and punishment actions. We will not forget our original intention and continue to work hard to make each LITO protective film be bodyguard for everyone's mobile phones. Yours Sincerely Business Partner LITO -LEO CHAN
    - 2020-10-04
  • United As One, More Confident More Powerful

    United As One, More Confident More Powerful

    In the Spring Festival of 2020, a war without Gun smoke broke out. Yes, it is COVID-19 epidemic. Since it breaks, China has taken comprehensive, strenuous and thorough measures that are now showing results. When our country was facing this war, some countries reached out to us and donated some medical protective to us. At present, the COVID-19 epidemic has break out at multiple points around the world. On the battlefields of various countries in the fight against the epidemic,overseas Chinese are also active. Donate supplies, share experiences, call for unity ...They dedicated their mind and joined hands with the local people to fight the "epidemic". The COVID-19 continues to spread globally. According to the latest data from international news, as of 12:00 on March 24, Beijing time, a total of 381,499 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, 16,557 deaths, and 101,794 people were cured. In response to the epidemic, following Italy, France, Spain and other countries, 14 countries announced national restrictions. So far, at least 40 countries around the world have adopted national restrictionsAs a people who has experienced the epidemic, let me share something about how we fight the COVID-19 epidemic? First,What the Chinese government and related departments did: 1.Establish relevant prevention and control teams, implement material allocation, conduct relevant drug research, and implement reimbursement expenses. 2.Do a good job in monitoring and preventing wild animal epidemic diseases, strictly implement the direct reporting system of wild animal epidemic disease monitoring networks, closely monitor, report and properly handle the abnormal deaths of wild animals and the occurrence of disease in a timely manner. 3. Strengthen scientific and technological research, and give full support to cooperate with scientific and technological departments to carry out scientific research on emergency technology for epidemic prevention and control. 4. Cooperate with law enforcement departments such as public security and market supervision to severely crack down on all kinds of illegal acts that destroy wildlife resources, and effectively maintain ecological and public health security. 5. In some cities, buses, subways, ferries, long-distance passenger transportation, airports, train stations, etc. are temporarily suspended, and they will pay close attention to the temperature of major car passengers and subway passengers. 6. School start time is delayed and online teaching is implemented. 7. Masks must be worn in public places, and the offenders will be punished according to law. 8. Cancel large-scale events including temple fairs. Second,What can we do as ordinary people: 1. Take proactive safety measures, do well in household disinfection, wash your hands frequently, and wear a mask. 2. Actively cooperate with the command of epidemic prevention and control staff to complete the measurement and collection of information. If it is a student, they should activel...
    - 2020-03-27
  • LITO Top 4 Gift Picks For Your Choose

    LITO Top 4 Gift Picks For Your Choose

    Christmas and New Years is coming soon, still worry about to select a good gifts for your family or friends? Here LITO top 4 gift picks for your choose, the more products please feel free to contact us.
    - 2019-12-11
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