• Welcome to LITO Booth at HK Fair
    Welcome to LITO Booth at HK Fair 2019-04-18
    Oh My God!!! Today is the LITO HK Fair's First Day. What Happened Today? Come on, Follow me! This is the Lito Booth at HK Asia World Expo. Booth Number : 6S18 The total area is 36 square meters. Look! Lito Teams are here! And the products You must be interested in! This year, LITO enter the more products, such as earphones, usb cables, phone charger, etc. Fittest is the Best, We believe Lito is the best protection for your phone, and the best experience for you. What a busy day! Are you still waiting? Come and Join in Us, Lito Waiting for your Visiting!
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  • LITO Thank You For All Of Our Customers
    LITO Thank You For All Of Our Customers 2019-02-14
    For all of our customers: We'd like to take the opportunity to thank you, for your supporting in 2018, we also wish you great success in the new year. We have came back to work and in 2019, Lito will do more and more products, not only screen protectors, but also phone cases, earphones, headsets, cables and charges.... Hope you can give us opportunity to learn from you and ask for advice. We will continue to learn and make progress in order to become more substantial and professional. Regards, LITO
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  • LITO Party For The New Year
    LITO Party For The New Year 2019-01-27
    Believe everyone knows that China’s New Year is the first day of the first lunar month, so before this holiday comes, Lito will make a annual party to celebrate,and welcome to the arrival of 2019. Next, let me introduce Lito Party to you everyone. See the full of awards and gifts? These are the rewards for those who have worked hard in 2018. Who are you looking forward to? But I wonder if you still remember the LITO 45-day championship battle that I introduced to you last time. Now let me tell you who is the champion? That's right, the team champion is our Bigbang team! Their division of labor is clear. The spirit of working hard together to achieve their goal is worth to learning by us. In particular, our Emily colleague not only led the team to get the team championship, but she also won the individual championship in this activity! So powerful she is! Excellent, hard-working people will not be bad luck, Lito's Wissen also won his first prize this year. Four years passed, believe that Wissen will be more and more fortunate. Finally,Lito family wish you a happy New Year in 2019!
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  • LITO Wish You A Merry Christmas
    LITO Wish You A Merry Christmas 2018-12-25
    We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas,We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you for your support of LITO. Because of you, the LITO has become different! Because of us, Christmas is getting happier! LITO wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!
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  • LITO Champion Challenge Competition
    LITO Champion Challenge Competition 2018-12-21
    2018 is about to pass, 2019 is coming. At the end of each year of LITO, a summary will be made for the whole 2018. Of course, we will also hold a 45-day competition for each year while welcoming the arrival of 2019. Today, let Shirley tell you somethings about how the 45-day competition of LITO was held! The Competition is called LITO champion challenge competition. Since the development of LITO company in 2011, there have been more than 50 people, including the domestic sales department, the foreign online sales department, the foreign trade department, the operation department, the design department, the logistics department, and the production department, etc. Why do I want to introduce Lito department to everyone? Because this competition is a big team composed of the partners from various departments,and we will have a PK for the LITO champion. Lol,I am so excited. Just like meeting friends from all corners of the country, each person has different strengths. In this activity, we also learned the advantages of colleagues in other departments, their passion, their positive spirit, and their sales skills. The competition makes us energetic and makes us feel the joy of sweat. You may not understand what they said, but Shirley can tell you with certainty that everyone is happy to share their achievements. Every day, they will share their summary. Everyone feels that they have a very fulfilling day. Ok, Shirley has to continue to struggle now, the competition is not over yet! Looking forward to my good news.
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  • LITO Seven Years Old Birthday
    LITO Seven Years Old Birthday 2018-11-18
    Time flies like an arrow, Lito has been seven years old. LITO is began with a store in 2011, from a store with only two people to a company with 50 people. In Guangzhou, not only has three offline stores, but also an independent website set up online, Alibaba, Global Source And SNS and other platform marketing, also has domestic online retail in Shenzhen, such as Tmall, Jingdong and Taobao. LITO company specializes production and sales of mobile phone accessories, especially screen protector and headphone, innovative technologies, stable quality, and reasonable prices. At the same time, undertake OEM/ODM order service. You will also feel deeply impressed with our products, because Lito has always been committed to providing customers with high quality products and services. We not only strictly build our ten-thousand-grade dust-free workshop,full automatic compact production lines,but also have perfect quality management system and testing rooms with various of inspection equipment,to ensure the best product quality .No matter how the market Changes,innovation,quality and service are always our eternal pursuit .Warmly welcome friends and clients come to visit us and bring valuable opinions. The beginning of LITO not only brought us opportunities, but also brought us a lot of joy. In the following 5-10 years, the company plans to become a social responsible enterprise, establishing the biggest organization where outstanding people seek dreams and make the dream come true. It is our Lito families' direction and we will describe the wonderful future with action . Come on! Let us enjoy the birthday party of Lito! !
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Recent News
  • LITO Top 4 Gift Picks For Your Choose

    LITO Top 4 Gift Picks For Your Choose

    Christmas and New Years is coming soon, still worry about to select a good gifts for your family or friends? Here LITO top 4 gift picks for your choose, the more products please feel free to contact us.
    - 2019-12-11
  • Happy Birthday to LITO

    Happy Birthday to LITO

    Just yesterday, November 18, 2019, was the 8th birthday of Lito, and the whole company was immersed in a cheerful, happy atmosphere. To celebrate the 8th birthday of Lito, we held a birthday trip for this purpose. Let's start with a CS, and every youthful LITO people were always ready. LITO is a big family full of passion, courage, and youth. At night, we celebrated the LITO birthday, delicious fruit, exquisite cakes... Each LITO families were enjoying the joy of this birthday and the variety of food and dessert. Finally, we sincerely wish LITO to have a happy birthday, and  prosperous business, continuous innovation, and continuous development.
    - 2019-11-20
  • LITO 8th Anniversary - You Got A Gift From LITO

    LITO 8th Anniversary - You Got A Gift From LITO

    Dear Sirs LITO 8th birthday is coming soon, very thanks to the support of every new and old customer and thanks to the LITO family.  In this year, Lito has also made a lot of innovations in the products, for example, the D+ Series, S+ Series, E+ Series, and Max+ Series, as well as the LITOMUSIC new brand OneDer, each innovation, bring us the new experiences, just like the LITO slogan - Fittest is the Best! Believe LITO will give you the best experience and to be the best protection for your mobile phone. Here below the LITO gifts for you, and LITO would like to express my sincere gratitude to you. Best Regards, LITO
    - 2019-11-10
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