LITO D+ Pro Ultra-thin Full Screen Protector Tempered Glass For iPhone 14

The D+ PRO ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector uses 0.25mm thick glass, and you can hardly feel the existence of the protective film when using it on a mobile phone, restoring the bare-metal feel. Thickened with a reinforced oleophobic coating for excellent abrasion resistance, it won't leave fingerprints or dirt over long periods of use.
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LITO D+ Pro Ultra-thin Full Screen Protector Tempered Glass For iPhone 14

Specification for D+PRO ultra thin iPhone 14 screen protector

1.Model:iPhone 14

2.Glass thickness :high aluminum 0.25mm

3.AB glue:Korea Crown 270 AB Glue

4.Surface technology:plasma spraying

5.Water drop anglethe initial water drop angle is above 113°

6.Tempering time: 4H

7.Radian: 60C 

iphone 14 tempered glass

Touch Sensitive & High Definition: 0.25mm high aluminum tempered glass with full glue adsorption, high transparency and sensitive touch.

Sturdy Design: Use high-alumina temepred glass to increase product strength,it protects the vulnerable corners and edges of your screen to prevent chips and stop cracks from starting and spreading;At the same time, the iphone 14 tempered glasss ultra-thin thickness of 0.25mm,The surface is extremely seamless so that it feels like your phone's original screen.

Anti Fingerprint:Plasma Spraying process is used for oiling, easy to clean,reduce fingerprint and smudge keeps your optimal pristine HD viewing experience.

iphone 14 screen protector

Packing For LITO 0.25mm Ultra-thin Iphone 14 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Packing include: 1pcs D+ Pro glass protector+ 1set Lito Brand Cleaning Kit

Carton size: 44cm*35cm*42cm

Quantity: 200pcs

Gross weight: 11.5kg

iphone 14

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